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Limited Ingredients

Hi, my name is Mitch. I work as a Human Resource Manager for a large corporate firm.

In my spare time, I love going Mountain bike riding and Trekking.

I’m a single guy and I live alone – with my goldfish, Flipper.

To be honest, cooking was never my forte, but as I have no option now, I’m actually really getting into it!  My philosophy with cooking is, less is better! If it’s quicker and it’s easier, then it works for me.  I’m turning out some really tasty stuff now, with my collection of ‘Limited Ingredients’ recipes!

So along comes this website – I decided to keep it simple and call it ‘Limited Ingredients’

It really is amazing the amount of things you can do with just a few ingredients!

I’ve got a pal who takes great pics and he’s offered to get some shots of my meals up on the site for you to take a look at – so we should be seeing some pretty soon.

Well, better get back to the kitchen!

Thanks for visiting !


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